• lilyyang tw Taiwan

    I saw the sign "Old Town". However, the "Old Town Ale House" is a building, not a store? Is it Kanela or the area?

    April 2019
    • brucenator us United States

      No, the metal Old Town sign in front of the Potbelly Sandwich Shop is just a sign letting you know that you are in the Old Town neighborhood of Chicago.

      But if you click on the arrow (that hovers over the street) to go to the corner of N Wells St in front of the corner bakery (Le Pain Quotidien)

      and turn the view facing left onto W North Av (IL-64) and click on the arrow to go down W North Av another block,

      you will find the Old Town Ale House on the next corner on the left.

      The Old Town Ale House on W North Av is around the corner from the Kanela Breakfast Club and the Potbelly Sandwich Shop on N Wells St.

      April 2019
      • lilyyang tw Taiwan

        Oh, yes, I finally got it. Phew, almost lost. Thank you for guiding me, brucenator, you're like a GPS, so helpful.

        April 2019
        • brucenator us United States

          Glad you got it! My instructions at the top weren't very clear.

          Hey, I have an idea!

          Why don't you post a Google Maps link to a favorite street location in a favorite neighborhood of a favorite city that you like to visit in Taiwan

          and tell me about two locations that are near each other and where they are in relation to each other (this place is around the corner from that place).

          April 2019
          • lilyyang tw Taiwan

            Thank you, brucenator.

            I'd like to make sure that I didn't misunderstand the idea of "A and B are around the corner from C. So A, B and C are all in the same block, right?

            April 2019
          • lilyyang tw Taiwan

            Thanks for giving me an opportunity to practice. I'll definitely give it a try.

            I'd like to use the map in my neighborhood, which I'm familiar with.

            There is a bank (First Bank) on the corner. I'll go there if I have some money to deposit.

            The pawn shop (當 in Chinese, the red sign) is next to the bank.

            You can find a buty shop and scooter shop (YAMAHA) around the corner from the pawn shop.

            I hope you can find it, good luck!!

            April 2019
          • brucenator us United States

            Oh yeah, I found what I guess is the pawn shop next to (to the left of) First Bank.

            I couldn't be sure, but I guess the fancy neon Chinese character circled in green on the store front is 當 ?

            But it says 現金週車專中心 (Cash ... center?) across the top? I don't know any Chinese at all, but I can recognize characters.

            I'm using Google Translate, but I really can't get the third character ( 週 ) right at all, no matter how much I try.

            And of course I found the Yamaha scooter shop around the corner and the beauty shop (Bath Spa), I think, next to (to the right of) the Yamaha shop.

            Everything you wrote was perfect English, by the way, except you misspelled 'beauty.'

            April 2019
            • lilyyang tw Taiwan

              Wow, you are amazing. Thank you for trying. Yes, the pawn shop is 當 circled in green.

              And the characters across the top is 現金週轉中心. (It means it's a place that you can get some emergency money.)

              You can't get the third character right at all because you divided or separated the fourth character into two characters.

              The fourth character should be 轉 not 車&專.

              Haha, it's not your fault, I guess the scanning system didn't do a good job or Chinese character is complicated sometimes.

              The buty shop I mentioned is not the Bath Spa, next to the Yamaha shop. I posted a picture in a new poster.

              It's actually next two to (to the left of) the Yamaha shop.

              Sorry to mislead you. It's tricky because the buty shop is hidden behind the tree somehow.

              And you know, every time I passed the shop, I was wondering if the owner misspelled the word.

              Or she or he just wanted to save money to make the sign because there are only four letters in buty.

              April 2019
            • brucenator us United States

              Oh yeah, I went back to the original map and now I see the brown butyshop sign as clear as day.

              Funny how a person can overlook something in plain sight when they don't know exactly what they're looking for.

              I wondered why you spelled it that way too, but now I see. YOU didn't misspell it.

              Who knows why they spelled it that way. I think maybe the company just wanted an original name.

              I'm sure there are other butyshops around. I'd say butyshop is just a brand name.

              But you're right, the trees obscure it from a certain angle.

              (Who knows? is a rhetorical question. It's like saying, "I don't know. It's anybody's guess."

              - Why do they spell it that way? (actual question)

              - Who knows? (rhetorical question used as a response)

              But maybe I'm explaining something you already know.)

              No, it wasn't a scanning system. I drew the characters in the Chinese handwrite tool on Google Translate.

              Now that I go back and look at the sign again, I can see that 轉 is one character and not two. I separated them for some reason.

              Thanks a lot for teaching me!

              Google Translate tells me that 現金週轉中心 means "cash turnover center."

              It's more like the second thing you said: Chinese characters are complicated sometimes. For me, all the time.

              I am truly amazed how the Chinese writing system came to exist. I think every other writing system in the world is phonetic, but not Chinese.

              People at first thought the Ancient Egyptian writing system was like Chinese, because they are pictographs,

              but the pictographs were also phonetic, which is probably why it initially took so long to decipher them — until some really, really smart people,

              namely Jean-François Champollion, figured out they were phonetic letters, and not like Chinese characters at all.


              (the hyperlink isn't working, probably because of the ç (c cedilla), so you have to copy and paste the web address into the browser)

              April 2019
      • lilyyang tw Taiwan

        Also, I found the Old Town Ale House is just on the corner, right?!

        April 2019
        • brucenator us United States

          Right. But it's also around the corner from the Potbelly Sandwich Shop.

          April 2019