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Who wants to practice English and make friends on Skype? :)

November 2014

Hello guys!

I am an 18 years old girl from UAE (Dubai)

I want to practice English via Skype with either native speakers or people who want to practice or make friends.

And if you are a beginner, I can help you with English so feel free to ask me for help.

PS: I would really like to make friends because I got no friends (yeah I'm a lonely girl :D)

So if you're interested in making friends, those are some of the things I'm interested in:

Music <333

Animes (I LOVE One Piece :D!)

Drawing & Photography (nothing professional)


Japanese (i'm trying to learn Japanese too)

And also Lonely people :D


If you're interested wether to practice English or make friends, please leave your Skype ID & age down below.

One last thing: I don't make video calls, only audio.

See ya! ^-^


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