Esperanto convention; me not deciding to go

GiacomoMallaci be Bélgica

Hi Steve, hi guys,

As you probably know, I'm an autistic, relentless language learner. Linguistic acquision is part of my daily routine. Tomorrow, I would have broken that routine by spending 2 hours in a Esperanto classroom with like-minded peers. I just can't. Something in me, literally, cries 'no' and then the thought of Lingq comes up... I just realized I'll never need to speek Esperanto, Indonesian, Portugese,... to any living being. I have nothing to prove and I learn better on my own, with Lingq and other methods. I just love these lanfuages and I will continue, even if I will never utter 1 Esperanto word to a anothetanother living creature.

Is this weird or is this a 'good' place to be at? What are your experiences? Do you learn languages to communicate or for the language by itself?



April 23 em 22:13
  • GiacomoMallaci be Bélgica

    Ps:, sry for the mistakes in acquire and in the heading; little tipsy now :p

    April 23 em 22:16
  • Swedishfinngermanophile fi Finlândia

    I learn languages mostly because I like the cultures (at least part of it) or the grammar. If I get into situations where I would have to use it then great but speaking is by no means an absolute must end goal.

    The romance languages and German that I have studied are mostly because of the culture and I will probably get to speak them at some point. That’s by traveling, there are lots of places in German speaking countries that I like to visit same with France and Italy.

    I am an exception to most language learners in that I love grammar. As I have started to become more and more confidant in my romance languages and German grammar is just a matter of time, I have started to think about studying languages that with great likelihood I will never speak, purely for the grammatical challenge.

    These languages are the sort of languages that fascinates me on an intellectual level such as Bulgarian or Turkish and my biggest regret Japanese, should have started in my early 20's.

    I haven’t spoken a lot, in my case it has been a mixture of no real life or death need and to a small part down to social anxiety.

    April 24 em 00:52
    • GiacomoMallaci be Bélgica

      I also adore grammar! One of my goals is to amass 100.000 Latin words. And watch me, it will happen here, on lingq

      April 24 em 10:01
  • brucenator us United States

    I say, no matter what other people's experiences are, do whatever makes you happy. However, some day you may want to break out of your comfort zone and attend one of these classes. What's the worst that could happen?

    April 24 em 02:48
    • GiacomoMallaci be Bélgica

      Hi brucenator, i wouldn't feel uncomfortable speaking whilst making errors. Perfect grammar is a goal which comes naturally by exposure (I just sound like Steve now). It's just that the convention is ongoing - as we speak-and that I, in the meantime- have made 85 esperanto lingQ's, of which 53 known words. I contacted the guy who leads the assembly and excused myself. I'm still welcome and that's so nice to know, but for the time being, I'll lingq myself through ;)

      April 24 em 09:59
    • brucenator us United States

      I see. From your original post, I didn't get the impression that your were at such a beginner level with Esperanto. (False assumption on my part.) If my vocabulary were that limited, I wouldn't even consider attending such a convention. Props to you for even considering it. But there's always next year. (Of course I'm making another assumption that there will be another convention next year.)

      April 24 em 13:53
      • GiacomoMallaci be Bélgica

        The weird thing is, Esperanto is so easy, that I would rate myself as a B1 speaker. I am fluent in French (native) and English, so iI have a potential of 25.000 known Esperanto words. I have a 11.000 word count in Portugese, but don't even consider myself a A1 level speaker. It's really relative.

        April 24 em 14:55