cdanvers us United States

i really think learning conjugation rules for ser and estar would stop My biggest problem learning, and I’m. no where near fluent, came from conjugation.

personally for me it was future and past tense. But I came to realize I had such a hard time because I was thinking in terms of conjugation.

when we learn our native language we are never taught how to conjugate. And I found after I stopped I learned a lot faster. And I mean a lot faster.

i don’t think it sGould go away completely but should be tossed in These cases.

for Example. I am tired estoy cansado.

i was tired. Estaba cansado.

I will be tired ... estaré cansada.

to be... estar

this gave me the biggest headachea until I had a professor say to me.... estar means to be. estoy means I am, estaré means I will be and estaba means I was

then it just became vocabulary and I never had a problem since.

as far as ser... to be

same thing except the I was and will be are changed to physical descriptions and character descriptions or personality traits and changes to era and voy a.

once you know that it’s so much easier.

just a personal observation that I wanted to get off my chest.

January 16 em 16:44
  • walkchap us United States

    The grammar is just there to give you a way of talking about how "I will be" and "estare" mean the same thing, a general way of talking about the way language works. If you take the time to understand how grammatical terms apply to your language and what they mean, they are a useful tool for being precise about these things.

    January 18 em 00:15
  • andrzejow pl Polónia

    From my experience: Don´t learn grammar! Read/listen a lot, and focus on the content. Only after you feel comfortable in the language, have a good feeling of what is right and what sounds wrong, and you want to perfect your language skills - only then learning grammar is useful.

    I even believe that grammar - in the early learning stages - might be harmful. Our brain is curious, and if it doesn´t understand certain features of the language, it tries to figure it out and creates its own internal rules - you develop a feeling for the language. If you learn a grammar rule, you reduce the motivation for your brain to do so.

    January 28 em 21:04