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Youtube Imports failing - "Unable to extract video data"

November 20 om 15:17


Are there any known issues with importing at the moment?

I cannot import video with CC from Youtube just this afternoon, and I am constantly getting these types of error - "Error:Importing failed - ERROR: 8gM6WJ-ED9A: YouTube said: Unable to extract video data", and this fails for any Youtube channel.

So, just to be sure it was not those videos which cause the problem, I also tried on video which I know that I had previously imported successfully with no issues in the past, and this is failing now as well.

I am on pc (which I have reset), using Chrome browser with LingQ extension version 1.7.19, and CC is activated on youtube video!

Is anyone else having this problem?

Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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