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Wouldn't a "known words" percentage indicator be better?

March 18 om 09:36

At the moment LingQ shows the percentage of new words of a lesson but I think this can sometimes be quite misleading. Just because I have 20% of new words in a lesson doesn't mean I understand the other 80%. In fact, quite often there are many level-1-LingQs, that I have only encountered once and I wouldn't even recognize them as words I have seen before (if LingQ wouldn't mark them yellow), so basically they seem like new words to me.

So wouldn't it be nice to have an indicator instead (or as well) that shows the percentage of known words of a lesson? This way, we can really see at first glance how much of a lesson we understand.

What do others think about that?

Edit: I've just realized that a known words indicator might be difficult to implement since LingQ is not saving all the known words (only if they were LingQs before). But still, I think it should be possible to give a percentage number of all the white words in a text, or am I mistaken?


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