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Quick Import - Listening count missing?

May 29 om 20:46


I have imported some Euronews (Portuguese) articles 'successfully' from Win10 Chrome webpage and iPhone Safari webpage and the 'Listening' count is not visible for either when viewed on the laptop Win10 with Chrome login. But when I view the same uploaded Lessons (in Quick imports) on the iPhone LingQ App, both Reading and Listening counts are visible.

To restore the 'Listening' count on Chrome view , I have to open the lesson to edit it, then just simply click 'save' without any other changes and the listening count is then visible, but I have to do this for everything I import from Euronews.

However, I imported Youtube video, and both Reading and Listening count are ok and clearly visible in Chrome, so it may be just related to that Euronews source. I wonder if anyone else has noticed similar issue for other sources?

It has been like this for about at least a week or so, but I did not raise earlier as it's only a minor issue as such since I have an easy workaround, but any help or feedback would be appreciated.

Best regards, FrankG

Picture below -> No 'Listening' count even though audio has been imported successfully ....



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