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not a valid audio url - what's wrong?

January 06 om 22:06

I'm learning Swedish and "Radio Sweden på lätt svenska" is a fantastic source. Short news text in simple Swedish with audio read slowly by a professional speaker with a very clear pronunciation.

When I import an article into LingQ the text works just fine, but the audio is missing. I couldn't find the audio url in the source code of the page so I guess LingQ can't find it therefore. That's okay.

I tracked the audio url via the network tab in the developer tool of Firefox and tried to add it manually to the imported text. But unfortunately I only get an error message that the url is no valid audio url. I can call the url in the browser and it plays. There seems to be no DRM involved also. And I don't use any login. I can download it with no problem.

Here is an example of the article:

And that's the audio url I try to add:

Can somebody tell me what the problem with this url is? Has it to be a special format (only mp3?) or something like that?


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