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Lingq cap too low to really give the program a try

December 28 om 22:57

I managed to go through 1 1/2 spanish lessons, when I was stopped by hitting the cap of 20 LingQs. Looking at my vocabulary, it looked like several of those LingQs were of words I did know, and I didn't even realize I had made them. I tried to mark them as known, but that didn't help. I tried removing them, that didn't help. I reset my Spanish language settings to start over, and that didn't help either. I would have liked to be able to spend more time seeing if this was a program for me, but I was quickly stopped in my tracks. Searching the forum posts wasn't helpful or encouraging. It appears that once made, whether on purpose or by accident, they are there to stay. Once at the cap, you can no longer look at the definition of any words, whether LingQ'd or not. I highly recommend raising the cap to 100, or making it possible to remove previously created LingQs, to give the new users a chance to actually evaluate this tool.


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