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How smart is LingQ about tracking listening time?

November 14 om 06:54

I was just working on a lesson on LingQ on the web. The audio for this lesson is about 30 minutes long. I spent about 30 minutes listening (and relistening) to the first 15 minutes of the audio. I never actually listened to the end of the track, though.

I later went to my stats, hoping that the 30 minutes of listening I had done would've been tracked. But it shows that I have not listened to anything today. Does that mean that LingQ only tracks listening time based on whether I've listened fully to the end of an audio track?

That would be disappointing. Often, even if I listen to the end of a track, I spend lots of time rewinding and relistening to harder segments. I'd hoped that this time would be tracked. Also, as in the example above, I sometimes don't listen all the way to the end of a track. It's sad if that counts as a "zero" in LingQ's eyes.

I do know that I can manually add in time listened. But I don't think I want to bother with that. I will probably just end up ignoring listening stats instead, which is a shame.


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