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Learning six languages simultaneously (well, sort of)

May 13 om 17:39

I will post every week to keep my motivation high.

I am using Lingq to learn Russian, Ukrainian, Dutch, Swedish, Catalan, and Romanian. I have been tracking my progress based on "known words", as well as by judging my ability to converse and watch videos.

I speak, at least at a B2 level, French,. German, Spanish, and Italian. My Portuguese needs a lot of work but for that I mainly need to practice speaking, not reading.

For the last month I have been reading about 50000 words a week in Russian, 15000 in Dutch, and a few thousand in Swedish, Catalan, and Romanian. Ukrainian I only recently started.

My main goals right now are to

1) get conversational in Russian and Dutch by putting in hours speaking and listening to youtube

2) Improve my ability to read Swedish and Romanian until I don't need to click so many words to see their translations.

3) Get a basic grasp of Ukrainian and Catalan, and better differentiate them in my head from Russian and Spanish.


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