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Recent App Updates - Week of May 9th

May 11 laiku: 21:17

I will try to post regular updates with details of what has changed on all apps over the previous period. Since this is the first update in a while it will include updates from a relatively long period. We do push updates regularly to all apps and often our users aren't aware of these changes. Or, maybe there is a particular update you are waiting for.

As always, please share any feedback about the apps or these updates.

Web App

  • Bugfixes to Sentence Editing screen
  • New For Kids and War in Ukraine shelves in Library
  • Setting to show Status Bar on mini popup in Reader
  • Ability to add images, videos, links to forum replies
  • Reader settings added to show/hide Examples, Notes on LingQ widget
  • Added widget settings for New Words in Reader
  • Batch addition/removal of tags enabled in the Vocabulary section
  • Fixed Vocabulary print feature
  • Numerous other bug fixes

Android App

  • Tablet support;
  • Fonts, line spacing and text highlighting style options;
  • Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Arabic specific fonts;
  • Significant improvements to text layout in the reader;
  • Improvements to paging and switching between sentence and full text mode
  • Enabled full text selection in the reader and in the word popup, with Copy functionality
  • Improved design and more statistics available in the Statistics screen in the Library
  • Text-to-speech voice options
  • Local text-to-speech plays if internet connection is bad or not connected
  • Follow System option for the app's theme
  • Prompt audio generation for lessons without audio
  • Fixed issues in the Review activities
  • Several improvements to the UI
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

iOS App

  • New language stats view
  • Sentence editor added to Reader
  • Bugfixes