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Major Performance Boost, Tagalog, Integrated Review in iOS and more Updates for Oct 19, 2022

October 20 laiku: 05:02

There have been quite a few updates to all apps since we last posted here. Perhaps the biggest update, which should have been noticed on all apps was a significant boost to performance on the server. In addition, here are the changes made to the individual apps.

As always, let us know what you think!


* Front end performance enhancements to Library, Tutors

* Improved transliteration display in reader

* Optimizations for app on mobile web view

* Improved furigana display for Japanese

* Fixed difficulty filter bugs

* Fixed Exchange import

* Added transliteration to Vocabulary list for Asian languages

* Fixed ui issues in writing exchange request popup

* Improve reliability of mobile notifications

* Fixes to challenge stats widget

* Updates to streak/activity indicator

* Added Tagalog

* Support added for RTL languages in editor

* Fixed format for manual stats input

* L and R keyboard shortcut fixes for first page in lesson


* Import lesson audio tracking fix

* Fix import audio being overwritten

* UI improvements throughout the app

* Added Tagalog

* New streak and activity indicator on stats page

* Facebook login fix

* Playlist improvements

* Support for Android 13

* Improved library experience

* All time stats added

* Fix to default reader font


* Integrated review mode

* Tap and hold sentence speaker icon for .5x speed

* iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets

* Siri support added

* Sentence notes added

* Added Tagalog

* Tap to see meanings in cloze test

* Tap grey bar to expand popup in reader

* View all time coins and LingQs on Stats screen

* Fix audio resume after interruption (calls)

* Fix offline audio playback

* Disable streak and milestone popups