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Is there a way to keep a word as unknown/not known without creating a LingQ?

May 24 laiku: 04:19

I am new to LingQ. As I am working through a lesson, any word that I do not create a LingQ from becomes "known". But sometimes there are words that I do not know yet, but do not want to prioritize learning and reviewing right now. Is there a way to tell LingQ to just keep these words blue - don't create a LingQ and don't mark them known?

Edit: OK, I've found a way to the settings section where I can turn off the option that marks words known when you turn a page - but that is also kind of a hassle, because then I have to manually mark a lot of words as known. Is there some in-between option, where I can select certain words to be "not known" (without creating LingQs) but then have everything else marked as known when I turn a page?


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