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Kindle trick

November 07 laiku: 03:47

Hey, I've been using this method to read a book I have on Kindle on Lingq. Curious if anyone else has been using it or if anyone has come up with an easier way to put books in Kindle.

1. Open the book in the Kindle app on your computer

2. Screenshot a page

3. Upload the screenshot to Google Drive

4. Open the screenshot file with Google Docs, which automatically converts it to text

5. Copy-paste the text into Lingq and create a lesson

Previously I had a much more bootleg way of doing this where I took an actual physical book, opened it to a particular page, used my phone to photograph the page, uploaded the photo to Drive, and then opened the photo file with Docs (and then repeated for all the pages I wanted), but the resulting text often had a lot of errors because of how difficult it is to take a really good photo of a page in a book (imagine using one hand to press an open book flat on a table and your other hand to photograph it - you can never hold it down perfectly flat and there's always going to be little shadows and Docs isn't great with that). The screenshot method works much better. Still takes a few minutes, but worth it if there's a book you want to read in Lingq.