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[Bug] Ironic bug found when reactivating my subscription

November 12 laiku: 00:14


After a series of bugs that were introduced during a recent major release, I downgraded to the $2 maintenance mode.

Now I'm rather happy with the fixes that have been done, but I don't seem to be able to upgrade my subscription because of yet another bug.

Recreation steps:

* Browse to settings

* Press [Change Plan] beside the text that says in my case "12 Month Premium (changing to Monthly Vacation on November 24, 2022)"

* Pick [Reactivate] under 12 months sub

* I now get text that says "You will lose access to these great Premium Benefits"

* If I press [stay premium] I'm redirected back to the settings

* If I press [Downgrade membership] I'm asked if I want 50% off for 3 months

* I continue through the annoying sales pitch (you already have my money) and press [Continue downgrading]

* I'm now asked to buy another product, unlimited [language] for life - now I'm only getting mildly furious

* I press [continue downgrading] again

* I now get to a screen that tries to sell me the $2 plan again!

After that ironic turn of events, I'm almost at the point of just cancelling anyways.

Please fix this, and please, please, try to test your product better.