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Best practice for creating courses with audio track?

July 19 laiku: 09:59


What is the best practice these days to have a course created where the lessons are split as the creator prefers, instead of arbitrarily, and each lesson is matched with the respective audio track?

Previously I did the following:

1. Take an Ebook, convert to txt

2. Split it into chapters, one text file per chapter

3. Create mp3 files matching the chapters

4. Uploaded the text files using LingQ Bulk Upload script

5. Go back to the UI, and merge lessons manually that were split by LingQ

6. Upload mp3 files manually for each merged lesson.

I tried to freshen the LingQ Bulk Upload script (originally developed by Shaun Patterson and Colin Johnstone) to work with the current LingQ website, to no avail. The uploader doesn't work because the UI has changed, and the new editor has been implemented in a way that makes it quite hard to maneuver with Selenium - let alone for humans.

So, how do you folks do this nowadays?