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Is it possible to import ARTE documentary films and if so, how?

October 25 laiku: 23:49

Hi there. There is a wealth of wonderful documentary films from ARTE, the Franco-German public media service and I was wondering if it's possible to import their text and audio into Lingq? A number of these films are available in either French or German versions or both on YouTube. Even more are available through the ARTE website, though only using a VPN that makes the website think you're in the country (i.e. they are geoblocked).

What method would one use to bring them into Lingq? Can one also bring in the subtitles? (The machine-generated subtitles often have errors, but if there would be a method to import them into some place where I could edit the text, I would be happy to correct it... As far as I'm concerned, it would be a useful form of playing with the language to listen and correct).

Finally, is importing this content and making it publicly available legal? Or should I keep it private?