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Talk about language learning, talk about LingQ. Whatever you like.

Support & Feedback Forum

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Report any problems you find and look for solutions here. Or, do you have suggestions on how we can improve LingQ or make your experience better? Let us know.

Updates, Tips and Known Issues

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Keep up to date with recent changes and known issues.

Ask Steve

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Do you have questions about language learning? Ask LingQ co-founder Steve Kaufmann. Steve speaks 16 languages and is always learning more. The LingQ System is based on the methods he developed.

Conversations Forum

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Can't find a conversation time you like? Tell us what times you are looking for, with which tutor and in what language. Look for other members to form a discussion group with.

LingQ Language Challenge Forum

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Challenge yourself and make a breakthrough on LingQ. Whether you join a LingQ Challenge or just commit to a learning a language on LingQ for the next 6 months or a year, make that commitment here! Post a video or comment, update us regularly on how you are doing. Encourage others who have made the commitment. Let's all achieve our language goals together here!

Content Forum

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Share any thoughts about content. Have you found interesting Items in the Store? Or imported anything you want to share?

Teaching on LingQ Forum

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This forum is for teachers to learn and share experiences using LingQ in the classroom and for tutors to ask questions and compare experiences as tutors on LingQ. All members are welcome and if you're interested in learning more about teaching with LingQ or tutoring on LingQ, let us know!

Open Forum in English

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Talk about anything you like as long as you write in English!

Foro abierto en Español (Open Forum in Spanish)

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Habla acerca de lo que desees. La única condición es que escribas en español.

Offenes Deutsches Forum (Open Forum in German)

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Paskutinė žinutė  January 11 laiku: 09:48

Sprecht über ein beliebiges Thema. Die einzige Einschränkung ist, dass es in Deutsch sein sollte

Fale sobre o que você quiser. A única restrição é que você deve escrever em Português.

Libre Forum en français (Open Forum in French)

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Parlez de ce que vous souhaitez. La seule restriction est que vous devrez écrire en français.

日本語フォーラム (Open Forum in Japanese)

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何でも好きなことを話し合うことができます。 制約はただひとつ、日本語で書かなければならないということです。 日本語に関する質問は講師ではなく、他のメンバーが答えてくれることでしょう。

Пишите о чем угодно, но только на русском. На ваши вопросы о русском языке будут отвечать не преподаватели, а другие ученики.

Forum aperto in Italiano (Open Forum in Italian)

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Parla di ciò che ti piace. L'unica restrizione è che occorre scrivere in italiano. I nostri tutor non risponderanno alle domande relative all'italiano ma saranno gli altri membri a rispondere.

한국어 공개포럼 (Open Forum in Korean)

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한국어라면 어떤 얘기라도 좋아요!

Open Forum in Swedish

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Talk about anything you like as long as you write in Swedish!

Open Forum in Dutch

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Talk about anything you like as long as you write in Dutch!

Open Forum in Lithuanian

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Write about anything you like as long as it is in Lithuanian.

中文公开论坛 (Open Forum in Chinese)

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Paskutinė žinutė  June 05 laiku: 12:54


LingQ Developer Forum

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Discuss issues related to developing applications to work with LingQ's API.


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