Playing Course audio, filtering Vocabulary by Course, Hebrew TTS

mark ca 캐나다

We have a few recent updates we wanted to let you know about.

Play Course Audio

Many of you have been asking about the possibility of having multiple playlists, and while this isn't possible, what we have done is enabled it so that you can listen to all lessons in any course. Just click on the "..." menu when looking at your list of courses in My Lessons. You will now see an option to "Play Course Audio". When you do this the course page opens up and starts playing the course.

You can shuffle and turn on continuous play and manage your lessons just like you do on the regular Playlist from there.


This option will be coming to mobile shortly as well. First on iOS and later on Android.

Vocabulary Course Filter

Another requested feature is the ability to filter your Vocabulary list by Course. You will now find a Courses dropdown in the filters on the Vocabulary page. Now you can focus on reviewing only those words you are learning from your favourite course!

Hebrew Text to Speech

We are always happy when we can add standard functionality that has been missing from our beta languages due to technical constraints. Thanks to our members for letting us know TTS for Hebrew was available on Bing Translator!

Enjoy these updates and keep the feedback coming!

April 23 at 18:04
  • _Alisa_ il 이스라엘

    Wow, dream updates!!! Thank you for being so attentive to users' requests and constantly making LingQ better! Can't wait to see it working on Android ;)

    April 23 at 19:33
    • SKKreativ au 오스트레일리아

      It's definitely great when a company listens to its users. *cough Memrise*

      April 24 at 01:33
  • miscology gb 영국

    This was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for listening. I do targeted vocabulary reviews on books, so this helps me export all the LingQs from each book I'm learning.

    April 23 at 21:05
  • Eddy8231 co 콜롬비아

    This is great news. Thank you!

    April 24 at 00:38
  • jbfan88 us United States

    Thanks for the news. Cantonese TTS coming?

    April 24 at 01:00
    • 관리자
      mark ca 캐나다

      We'll see what we can do...!

      April 24 at 16:41
    • 관리자
      mark ca 캐나다

      @jbfan88 - Bing also had Cantonese so we have added that now too! Enjoy!

      April 25 at 20:34
  • patriciahe us United States

    You have no idea how much more I'm now listening with the course audio feature. It's awesome. Can't wait to try the vocab by course too, it makes the learning so much more efficient ... and fun. I LOVE you guys! There's just nothing out there like Lingq. Love love love!

    April 24 at 01:38
  • cruuz2018 us United States

    Very cool!! Thank you!!! :D

    April 24 at 06:43
  • Hikarion de 독일

    Its a nice idea. I just checked the vocabulary-course-filter and it doese NOT work as expected. There are still words shown in the list, which are definetly not part of the course. There are also way too much vocabulary listed. Even though i just marked like 10 vocabulary in a course, there will be shown few hundreds of words

    April 24 at 07:39
    • 관리자
      mark ca 캐나다

      Thanks for letting us know. We're checking into it.

      April 24 at 16:41
    • 관리자
      mark ca 캐나다

      @Hikarion, tas4w444 - Please try it again now. It should be working properly. Thanks for letting us know.

      April 25 at 20:35
  • tas4w444 hu 헝가리

    I've tried the new course filter feature, but I think there is a bug:

    There are hundreds of words which appear in every course-filtered vocab list (even in the short ones whrere are only few lingqs in reality). I am sure that these courses don't contain these words/lingqs, because most of them are longer phrases.

    I think these lingq's original courses were already deleted (mostly by me).

    April 24 at 10:32
  • alchemist us United States

    Great user option updates, thx

    April 24 at 14:46
  • Nona us United States

    Thank you!

    April 24 at 17:34
  • acoggins nl 네덜란드

    Awesome! Thank you so much

    April 26 at 20:05
  • rose.barbaro au 오스트레일리아

    Great, to listen to something different , Thank you.

    April 27 at 10:07
  • JDHallKY us United States

    I tried the course audio on iOS for the first time today. Thank you for adding this feature! It adds so much flexibility to listening to audio with LingQ.

    April 30 at 21:23
  • 관리자
    mark ca 캐나다

    Quick update here, the Course vocabulary filter has also been added to iOS now.

    June 11 at 23:32
  • MatthewDonovan ca 캐나다

    Thanks for adding Hebrew TTS. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it's working on my mobile app (Android Version 4.8.2)

    June 24 at 01:16
    • 관리자
      mark ca 캐나다

      The new Hebrew TTS will only work on the web version I'm afraid. We hope that Google's text to speech engine will support Hebrew some day.

      June 24 at 02:52
      • _Alisa_ il 이스라엘

        Ah, now I see... So you added Bing, but Bing works only for the web-version?

        June 24 at 06:56
        • 관리자
          mark ca 캐나다

          Yes, that's right. On your mobile device, we use the text to speech engine on your device.

          June 24 at 15:13
  • 관리자
    mark ca 캐나다

    Playing Course audio is now available on Android. Sorry for the delay! Just open the course and you should see the option.

    June 28 at 19:31
    • _Alisa_ il 이스라엘

      Thank you!!! I just noticed yesterday and I was very happy! :)

      July 01 at 08:14