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Reporting errors, typos and so on, in Finnish courses

September 04 at 19:09

This post is meant to be a catch all for any errors we find. I guess this for zoran.

Lingq mini stories, tarina 8, page 2, line 1:

"Lisa kysy ... " should be "Lisa kysyy ....". Conjugation typo.

Lingq mini stories, tarina 8, page 3, question 2:

"Haluaako Antti valmistaa luonasta Saralle?" The word luonasta is misspelled and should be lounasta, like in the next sentence.

<temp question, to be removed later>

The question is whether you want this thread long, as in each error its own comment, or edit the first (this) comment for each error and remove when done? If you copy the errors that you have done, I will remove them from the first comment.


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