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[potential bug] import from webpage sometimes skips a line

March 03 at 09:53

Today, when importing the radio text for 2 March 2021 (or as the page says 2.3.2021) I noticed that the import utility skipped one line after import. No problem, I wanted to copy it in, but the text refuses to paste into the lesson. When typing in the text I notice the text is red. So I resplit the text and only now does the text appear in the lesson.

Unfortunately, by this afternoon (Finnish time) when zoran will try to execute the page, it will have been replaced by the new page for 3.3.2021 (3rd of March). The link for the page is : and the offending line is the first line after the first title:


I highlighted the corresponding line.

So my question is if anyone else experienced the same phenomenon or if this seems to be a one-off. Anyone?


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