Lifetime Memberships?

hel9287 us United States

I remember once seeing that you could buy a lifetime membership in a specific language. Did that go away?

June 05 at 22:28
  • JFC ca 캐나다
    June 05 at 23:36
    • hel9287 us United States

      I've tried that but when I click on it, it just takes me to my lesson feed. :(

      June 06 at 00:59
      • JFC ca 캐나다

        A page on their site is broken / out of date? I'd say I'm shocked, but... :)

        How about this one:

        June 06 at 01:50
        • hel9287 us United States

          It looks like that one worked. Thank you!

          June 06 at 02:14
        • miscology gb 영국

          Is this offer now a flat fee for all language? I would be interested in this when my year subscription runs out, because I want to get to 1200 hours in French, and start a few new languages.

          June 06 at 18:40
          • jungleboy pt 포르투갈

            No, it's just for one language. So many of us would love it for all languages, and I'm sure would be prepared to pay more than the one-language lifetime price.

            June 06 at 19:23
  • MarkE us United States

    $200 for life for 1 languages seems very reasonable to me. Sounds like a good deal.

    June 06 at 20:38
    • 관리자
      ericrobertz ca 캐나다


      Just looked at Japanese Beginner Courses at the Uni of British Columbia...

      $375 for one month.... 2 classes, 4 hours a week... Not including the text books you have to buy (probably Genki). Wow.

      You can get more out of a month at LingQ...for 1/30 of the price!

      June 07 at 04:33
  • jomearaX ca 캐나다

    I have a lifetime for (European) Portuguese. Definitely think it’s worth it.

    June 07 at 02:45
    • jungleboy pt 포르투갈

      I'm sure it is. But I switch between four languages so going lifetime for all four is quite a lot of money. And if I went lifetime in one, I'd still have to pay the regular fee for the others. I think if they just offered lifetime for all languages at the price of 2x lifetime for one language, people would go for it.

      June 07 at 07:28
      • MarkE us United States

        I was literally thinking the same thing. If your doing 4 languages $800 bucks is a lot of money to spend all at once. Even though in the long run you're saving a lot of money.

        June 07 at 15:44
        • Car2017 de 독일

          If you're sure to use it in the long run, yes. I also like those sites that have special offers if you sign up for 2 or 3 years instead of a month or a year or so.

          June 08 at 12:36