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Net cz 체코

I am getting this error when trying to upload ebook.

Why does not LingQ just split the problematic word and warn the user? Preventing upload is bit harsh. Anyway how do I look for the long word(s) in my ebook (epub) and delete it/split it manually?

I have issues with uploading Harry Potter's third book both in French and German. Strangely the other books were uploaded just fine.

June 02 at 17:05
  • 관리자
    zoran rs 세르비아

    Strange, there must be something wrong with your epub file. Maybe you can try to convert it to other format (PDF?) and try again?

    June 09 at 01:27
    • Net cz 체코

      Strange as it may sound your solution actually worked and pdfs were imported without an issue. Thank you!

      June 21 at 21:09
      • 관리자
        zoran rs 세르비아

        Perfect! :)

        June 24 at 09:13
  • MS101 us United States

    I am having the same problem and didn't help converting it into pdf or mobi

    July 22 at 02:37
    • 관리자
      zoran rs 세르비아

      Can you send us your file to support(at) Thanks!

      July 22 at 20:48