Which YouTuber Would You Like to See Interview Steve?

ericrobertz ca 캐나다

Hey Everyone,

I've been reaching out to a few YouTubers to talk with Steve about language learning. Recently, Steve was on Matt VS Japan's channel and he'll be appearing on a few more too.

I was wondering, what YouTubers would you like to see interview Steve? Paste them below and I'll try and reach out to them.


Subscriber count must be higher than 5000 :)

5K - 500K is the sweetspot.

It doesn't matter if their channel isn't in English

Must be related to language learning, business, living abroad, education, entrepreneurship, technology, etc.

Leave a comment below :)

May 21 at 21:24
  • MarkE us United States

    I know He's already done a few with Luca, But Its always good to see them together in a video!

    A video with Tim Doner would be really fun to watch, I feel like I haven't seen Tim at all in recent years.

    Stefanie as well! I think a lot of people would enjoy watching Her and Steve in a video together here is her Channel.


    May 21 at 21:35
  • amop567 us United States

    How about Alexander Argüelles? Two very different approaches.

    May 22 at 02:29
  • First1000Hours us United States

    Steve might want to appear on the Reto Bilingüe Channel. It's a Spanish channel dedicated to helping Hispanic parents raise children to be bilingual or multilingual. I've really enjoyed listening to the interviews of how various families in various parts of the world are raising their children to be bilingual. Right now, some of the most recent videos on the channel haven't gotten a lot of views; the channel hasn't posted regularly and has focused on vocab instead of interviews in the past few videos. Nevertheless, I think this is a channel that might be a good fit for Steve.

    In addition, sometimes this channel has interviews with language learning app creators.


    May 22 at 03:04
    • ftornay es 스페인

      Well, Steve seems not to be a fan of immigrant families intent on preseving their original language :-)

      So, the interview may end up being a bit tense as seemed to have been the case with Matt vs Japan

      Maybe that's a plus?

      May 24 at 02:57
      • Swedishfinngermanophile fi 핀란드

        That could be true. However, I do feel that there is a small contradiction in that I remember that Steve said that he had tried to get his kids to speak foreign language but gave up because they resisted it. I don’t really see that great of a difference between a Canadian kid being encouraged to learn other languages from childhood to a kid from a immigrate family learning their ancestor languages.

        Maybe I am overanalysing it but I believe that Steve feels that it is very important for the kids of immigrant families to first integrate fully into Canadian culture. I haven’t watched to Matt vs Steve interview as Japanese is not a language that I study and I have to economise my time.

        Still for what it is worth I would a interview with Reto Bilingüe Channel intrigues me.

        May 24 at 03:36
  • PatricioIglesias mx 멕시코

    I was about to propose some polyglot youtubers, but he has already made videos with everyone that I searched. It would be intersting to see something different. I think that a talk with paul, from Langfocus. Or even a talk with Jan from language boost, I know they already did an interview, but it would be intersting if they discussed language learning and traveling, considering Jan travels a lot.

    Jan's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Dacud

    Langfocus: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNhX3WQEkraW3VHPyup8jkQ

    A more realistic interview that I really see happening is with Lucrezia, from learn italian with Lucrezia.

    Learn Italian...: https://www.youtube.com/user/lucreziaoddone

    May 22 at 04:16
  • First1000Hours us United States

    Another Spanish channel that may be a good fit for Steve is Para Emprendedores Con Luis Ramos. This is a very active Spanish channel that talks about books and business. I really liked watching this video from the channel about how to read 52 books in one year: https://youtu.be/_4KEd9bmNuw

    Here's the channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdBV7AnmVsrdwTFlZvB4lrw

    May 22 at 04:59
    • First1000Hours us United States

      I think the full title that Luis wanted his channel to be was Libros Para Emprendedores Con Luis Ramos. I've heard him say Libros Para Emprendedores when speaking of his channel. I'm guessing his channel name was too long so he couldn't/didn't include the word "Libros".

      May 22 at 05:10
  • Diotallevi de 독일

    Sorry, but I think 5k subscribers is a weak criterion.

    This one

    has 3000 but has lots of interesting stuff on his channel.

    May 24 at 01:02
    • 관리자
      ericrobertz ca 캐나다

      Cool channel - I sent Robin a message.

      May 24 at 21:49
  • MarkE us United States

    I think it would be really entertaining to see Steve do a video with his wife, or his grandkids or someone in his family.

    May 24 at 01:43
    • EdwinFinch ca 캐나다

      A video in Cantonese with his wife would be epic :)

      May 24 at 17:43
  • Dimethylamine us United States

    Artem from Russian Progress.

    May 25 at 19:56
  • ianholmes gb 영국

    Max from Russian with Max

    May 27 at 21:46