The house is nearing completion.

lilyyang tw 대만

I saw an example from a dictionary as below:

The house is nearing completion (=almost finished).

I don't understand why the word "near" can be transformed into "nearing". Does that mean "near" can be a verb?

Thank you!!!

June 11 at 02:45
  • khardy us United States

    The word "near" can be an adjective, adverb, verb, or preposition:

    June 11 at 02:57
  • TeacherNia us United States

    Consider this to be the infinitive form of a phrasal verb: TO NEAR COMPLETION

    The affirmative present progressive verb forms of TO NEAR COMPLETION are:

    am nearing completion

    is nearing completion

    are nearing completion

    June 24 at 00:30