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In this new collection, prepared by the language teacher Evgueny Bokhanovsky and the English native speaker Nerelle Poroch, you can find a lot of interesting articles and podcasts about history, culture, traditions, and customs in different countries of the world.

You will be able to learn a lot of new things and improve your English skills. I hope you will enjoy reading these articles!

Recently, Nerelle was 2 month in Canada, that's why we start this collection TIME FOR READING with the article DISCOVERING CANADA:


June 2018
  • evgueny40 ru 러시아 연방

    Here is my new story for the course TIME FOR READING - MARY FROM SCOTLAND, translated into English by Richard Coombes. In this article you can know some pieces of my methods of the language study, how I teach my students:


    April 23 at 17:02
  • evgueny40 ru 러시아 연방

    Here is a new English podcast for the course TIME FOR READING - MY FIRST TRIP TO GERMANY.

    In this podcast I tell about the unforgettable impressions that I received from my first trip to Germany in 1990.

    Here is an English version but you can also find in lingq.com a German and a Russian versions of this podcast:


    July 26 at 06:12
  • evgueny40 ru 러시아 연방

    If you are interested in History, you can read my article about the penetration of Russia to Central Asia in the 18-19th centuries – RUSSIA AND CENTRAL ASIA:

    Part I:

    Part 2:

    January 07 at 18:38
  • evgueny40 ru 러시아 연방

    Here are two new English podcasts from my course LET’S TRAVEL TOGETHER-



    January 15 at 09:43