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Hebrew content and general tips on Hebrew/Lingq. How to remove vowels (niqqud).

December 2017

Hebrew resources are not easy to find, but there is actually no shortage of good quality material for Beginner 2 and beyond:

(over 200 podcasts with transcripts and audio; many of these are over 2,000 words so the audio might need to be trimmed if you want to fit it correctly into linqq’s interface)

DLI: Over 200 shorter readings with transcripts and audio arranged by level of difficulty. I’ve asked about sharing at Lingq but have not gotten a response yet. I had to do a lot of copying, pasting, and deleting as the pdf files contain parallel texts (English-Hebrew) which is both helpful and unhelpful for importing them and using them with Lingq.

Years of newspaper archives with audio of many articles read out loud (remove vowel points before importing to Lingq). See below for instructions on how to remove vowels). I don’t know how to contact them about sharing these on Lingq after a cursory glance at their webpage (my Hebrew isn’t so great yet). But you can easily copy/paste articles from the pdfs. There are a ton. Make sure you remove vowels first before importing. Wouldn't it be great if Lingq would automatically remove the vowels when importing a text?

I’m working on getting this course uploaded to Lingq (through dictation of one lesson at a time—the first two lessons are done). I’m trying to be vigilant, but look out for any spelling errors.

Librivox Hebrew (You sometimes have to do some searching to make sure you get the right texts, but I found them all eventually). Use google translate to your native language to help you navigate.

Mini-stories on Lingq: these are great! I believe there are 30 now. I hope whoever is recording them does more. And to the person recording them, thank you for your hard work! And again, thank you.

New Testament (free audio):

Though when getting the text you have to make sure you get the proper version or the audio won’t match (year is 1991). You will need to purchase the text. Also you will need to remove the vowels.

How to remove vowels (this actually works!):

1. Download autohotkey.

2. Read instructions on how to create a new script (or whatever they call it). You will just be copying and pasting the one below.

3. This is the text you will copy and paste:


Clipboard := ""

Send, ^c

ClipWait, 1

Clipboard := RegExReplace(Clipboard, "\p{M}")

Send, ^v


4. After saving your script and closing the notepad doc, right click on your script icon and select “Run script”.

5. Highlight a Hebrew text with vowels.

6. Use the shortcut ALT + . (ALT plus period) and the vowels should be removed.

I struggled a lot to figure this out as I am not a person that uses these kinds of programs normally.

Some helpful tips about using Hebrew on Lingq:

1. I’ve had issues using the web interface (with my Lingq entries randomly changing or matching up with the wrong word), but if I use my Ipad I don’t have any of these issues.

2. Don't use texts with vowels in Lingq! Remove them (see above).

3. Morfix, Morfix, Morfix! Use this dictionary. It is also great for helping you see how a root can be used in different contexts.

My Hebrew plans:

I had a background in Classical Hebrew so I’ve been able to jump more into Beginner 2/Intermediate level Hebrew.

Here is my plan as of today:

1. Finish reading through the New Testament with audio on Lingq (it is familiar content to me). This is probably well over 100,000 words of reading (bigger than a Hunger Games book).

2. Do the 200 DLI Gloss articles with audio on Lingqq.

3. Either do Ran Levi or Librivox or alternate back and forth.

I’m hoping to get the FSI Hebrew lessons up on LINGQ if I’m not bored out of my mind typing/dictating them. Though it is a great speaking exercise.

That’s about all I have for now. With the Ran Levi podcast on science and history there really is no excuse for not having interesting content for Hebrew (for some types of people at least). I'm guessing there may be close to a million words to be read/listened to in his 200+ podcasts. And it is free. I look forward to the day when I can understand them well!

Good luck on your Hebrew journeys everyone!!

Updated (about removing vowels) From Ricardo:


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1 year agoLiked1 LikeUsers looking to remove niqqud before importing Hebrew texts into LingQ may also find the following page useful: It lists a variety of scripts that users have suggested for the purpose of removing niqqud from text. I personally tried canjecricketer's suggestion to use the following function for Google Sheets: =REGEXREPLACE(B1,"[(\x{0591}-\x{05BD})OR(\x{05BF}-\x{05C2})OR(\x{05C4}-\x{05C7})]","") In a Google Sheets spreadsheet, you just paste your Hebrew text into cell B1 and then paste the above code into cell A1 (or any cell other than B1). Cell A1 should then display the same text but without niqqud, which you can then copy and paste into LingQ. I tested this method and it worked great for me!


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