Colloquial vs Written Farsi

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I've read in several places that the difference between written and colloquial (spoken) Farsi is a lot greater than in other languages.

For instance to say "is" (3rd person singular) in the written from you use "ast" but in spoken Farsi people just add "eh" to the end of the word.

There are other differences too.

Are there any native Farsi speakers or non native advanced learners that can address this issue?

June 07 at 02:09
  • mehdik it 이탈리아

    That's right! The difference between written and spoken Farsi is huge! We almost never write the way we speak! (except when you are texting your friends or in some novels).

    For example if you want to say 'He is fine' you would say:

    حالش خوبه.

    But when you want to write the same thing (in a book or essay for example) you will write:

    حال او خوب است.

    If you speak like written Persian you will sound very strange and if you write in the colloquial way in some cases it can be conceived as rude or unprofessional.

    The tricky part is that even in the most formal meetings, we don't talk like the written Persian. Of course, the formality of language increases but never reaches to written style.

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