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iancurry us United States

Many of the languages on LingQ (such as French) have an intermediate-level, podcast-style course, with typically around 90 lessons. These lessons feature natural conversation between two native speakers and is often helpful once you get past the Mini-Stories stage. Would there by anyone to do some of these with Arabic, featuring conversations between speakers from various countries so that we could have a lot of exposure to different dialects? Just an idea. Thanks in advance.

June 24 at 15:46
  • MarkE us United States

    I love this idea!

    June 25 at 02:45
    • deadlywisdom au 오스트레일리아

      I love this idea too. Most of the lingq podcasts that I've seen seem to be around 10 years old, so I'm guessing its not a top priority now. It would be great to see more though, I think some of those podcasts are the best content thats available on lingq.

      June 25 at 04:01
  • ozmakari fr 프랑스


    As an arabic native speakers i find it very difficult for arabic learner to start with conversations between serverals natives speakers froms differents backrounds (accents, dialects) like listening to spanish from differetns countries. its can be very confusing.

    As a north african descent i can understand other arabic speakers and at most time the classic arabic helps a lot. i will be very wise to start listenning to news and short videos of one dialects (egytpians, iraqui, syrian - lebaneses, north african). when you acquire a langauge core you can move to more mixed dialect content.

    If you want more infos / help you can contact me

    good luck

    June 27 at 12:34