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Refine Your English!

May 2019

Hello everyone! I'm new to the LingQ tutoring community! My name is Darrion, but you can call me Dee for short! I'm an American English tutor; I have gained over four years of informal teaching experience from helping many English learners improve their English online! I love helping people learn, practice, and improve their English, and I would be happy to be involved in helping you improve your English as well! ^^

My Skype sessions are very affordable and will be tailored according to your English level, needs, interests, and language goals! Whether you're a beginner who needs to learn the basics of English or an intermediate/advanced learner who needs to improve their speaking/conversational skills, pronunciation, listening comprehension, reading, vocabulary or more, I can help you!

Visit my profile in the tutor section ( search Deedrio ), book a session with me, and tell me what you need help with so I can start creating a personalized learning experience just for you! Let's start refining your English! ^^


1. Speaking/Conversation Practice - We may converse freely about whatever comes to mind or is of interest to you. I'll be constantly analyzing your speech, taking note of any consistent mistakes that you make, and giving you frequent feedback.

2. Pronunciation Correction - We may focus on pronunciation. ( It's up to you. )

3. Listening Comprehension Practice - I may read to you any book of your choice within the specified session time frame if the book is available for free. I will test you during and after the reading to make sure you are comprehending everything that I'm reading to you. If you don't have any books in mind for me to read to you, I will choose a book from my own sources to read to you. ^^

4. Role-Playing Everyday Situations - We may act out certain everyday situations such as ordering food at a restaurant, grocery shopping etc.

5. Homework assistance: I may assist you with your school homework. Please note that I will not do your homework for you as you're supposed to figure it out on your own; however, I will be happy to point you in the right direction and confirm any observations that you make!


1. Short Stories, Blog Posts, News Articles - I may provide short stories and news articles for you to read out loud to me during our sessions. As you read through the news articles or short stories, I will take note of any vocabulary that you consistently struggled to pronounce or didn't know. After you finish reading, I will teach you the proper pronunciations and definitions of the words.

2. YouTube Links - I may utilize YouTube videos during our sessions.

3. Slide Presentations - I may utilize slide presentations during our sessions.

4. Tests - I may create tests for you based on the news articles and short stories that we read together. I may also create tests for you based on the vocabulary that you struggled with or didn't know during the session.


1. Text Documents - At the end of our sessions you'll receive a vocabulary list of the words that you struggled to pronounce or didn't know, along with plenty of sentence examples. If you decide to book another session with me, we can review the words and sentences together. Show me how much you've improved! ; )

2. Audio Files - At the end of our sessions I'll send you voice recordings of myself reading each word and example sentence out loud. If you decide to book another session with me, we can review the words and sentences and practice your pronunciation together. Show me how much you've improved! ^^


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