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Downgrading to Free - Deletes my data?

February 2022

If I'm understanding this correctly, all of my 'LingQs' that I've accumulated over the past 2 months will be deleted?

"Try the LingQ Vacation Plan

Store your LingQ Data

For only


Keep all your LingQs, word data, statistics and imported content ready for your return so you can easily pick up where you left off."

I want to focus on the 5th line:

"Keep all your LingQs, word data, statistics and imported content"

Are you saying I will lose LingQs, word data and my statistics by downgrading to FREE? You know... I can see that it says that, but I'm just in disbelief. I need to be absolutely sure, my brain can't really comprehend it.

FREE users get to keep their 'LingQs' forever, but a PAYING member of your site UNLOCKS the ability to have their things deleted if they ever decide to stop paying? Like, what if any sort of money issue comes up in life and they need to put their language learning to the side for a bit? Will their only 2 options be to delete all their hard work or KEEP paying you guys?

I get that it's only $2, but in my eyes it's way bigger than the dollar amount here.

It seems incredibly backwards, I hope I'm misunderstanding this. Maybe it's just the imported lessons that will be deleted? idk.

If not, it kind of blows my mind that 'LingQs' would need to be deleted... like why..? Are they HUGE bits of information that are stored on your servers? it's the users that CREATE THE DEFINITIONS anyways.

*mind explodes*

I really hope I'm wrong.


Oh and just so you know, if my 'LingQs' get deleted, it makes it so I will never return to this site. I've convinced my girlfriend and my mother to USE your site. However, now I will go out of my way to tell people:

"If you want to use LingQ, I just want you to know that you'll be paying for it for the rest of your life".


Seven steps of LingQ: (!!!)

Step 1: Join LingQ for free

Step 2: Get annoyed you can only do 20-30 LingQs/Day

Step 3: Buy a membership

Step 4: Create thousands of LingQs over dozens of hours

Step 5: Life happens and you need to take a break from language learning

Step 6: Cancel subscriptions, oh wait, LingQ will delete everything?

Step 7a: ????

...Step 7b: Pay forever as to not lose your data..?

What other website deletes your data from canceling a subscription? I would love to know a site that does that to be honest.

As if we don't live in a world where you can create MASSIVE data rooms to store PENTABYTES of data. Especially when you're dealing with TEXT and AUDIO files.

So if we do some math here, you've lost 3 potential customers at $12.99. (Myself, my girlfriend and my mother)

Even if I were to pay for your data saving feature of $2 a month, that would require me to pay for that plan/feature for about ~20 months before you recouped the money you could have made from us in just 1 month (3 users X $12.99).

Who knows how many people I would have recommended on top of that?

Steve Kauffman seems like a solid dude, that's why I gave this site a chance, but honestly what the hell is this delete data thing? It seems like such a $cummy tactic to keep users indefinitely.


My plan was to take a break for a few months until I got more advanced in my Chinese and then I would come back to start importing news articles and eBooks.

BUT if I have NOTHING to come back to WHY WOULD I? Who the hell would want to start from scratch? It's such a pain to personalize each character's definition.

From a business standpoint you discourage the folks who have paid for your services from coming back. If they've paid once, don't you think they would return to pay again??

Like wtf is a '$2 we will keep your data fee'? It feels like a slap in the face to be honest.

I never write reviews or ANYTHING like this, but this is a whole new level of frustrating.

For those of you curious, I had to click downgrade on the:

Settings > Account > Current Tier > Change Plan > Downgrade to Free > Downgrade Membership > Downgrade Membership > Continue Downgrading > Delete Data

Yes, they make you click through 3 'Downgrade Membership' buttons to attempt to cancel your subscription, lol.

They offer you:

1st Downgrade: "You will lose access to these great Premium Benefits" (Lists 6 or 7 benefits of being a member)

2nd Downgrade: Keep LingQ'ing for 50% off, Pay HALF PRICE for the next 3 Months

3rd Downgrade: Keep LingQing for Life, Unlimited Chinese for life

For only $199

Final Screen: Try the LingQ Vacation Plan, Store your LingQ Data

For only $2/month

Delete Data

If you want to save some money and you're paying for LingQ then go ahead and pretend to downgrade your account and you'll be given an option for half off for 3 months.