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Cantonese Mini Stories Significant Issue

February 05 at 21:25

I'm on Cantonese MiniStory 14, and it's become increasingly evident that the writing/kanji and the audio do not match as the stories progress. Probably 10-25% of story 13 basic vocabulary doesn't match up, for example. This is a real detriment to the usefulness of learning with the mini-stories, as there is no one-to-one match between the recorded audio, the characters used, and the vocabulary word recordings, which ends up costing a lot of time and reference to dictionaries and other learning tools to try and sort out. Four years ago, the following post started a relevant thread, but I see no confirmation that all the stories were in fact corrected.

4 years ago

Hey, I was just looking at the Cantonese library to see what new content people have been important and I found the new mini stories:

Unfortunately the mini stories are written in standard written chinese and the narrator is speaking in Cantonese. This means what is being said and whats written down are two completely different things (but with the same meaning).

When I was a beginner this confused me a lot so I really think it would be better to get the stories written in Cantonese, and not standard Chinese.