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Useful page regarding number of words you need for each level

October 07 at 16:07

I am doing Russian at the moment and came across a useful page regarding number of words you need for each level here:


Thought it might be useful for others regardless of which language.

How the 7,000 here equates to lingq's number of known words I don't know. Perhaps multiply 7,000 by 1.6 = 11,200. I read in some thread on lingq that I can sadly no longer find that multiplying by 1.6 caters for the calculation to take into account forms of a word eg day and days (plural) that Lingq counts as two words. Maybe multiplying 7,000 by 2 would be more accurate still, thus 14,000 plus, all the way up to wherever - some people have 60,000 words but I don't know how they find texts that provide this number of unknown words. When I reached 15,000 on French, there were not that many unknown words in any of the materials that I spotted, and their definitions were mostly discernible from context.