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tr   トルコ

Is "Anki" a necessity?

January 19 at 18:27

I make some pretty cool cards while learning Russian on Lingq. I write the English meanings and then Turkish (native language) meanings in the Note section. I also sometimes take grammar notes. I regularly do vocabulary reviews on Lingq.

Other than that, I use Memrise.

Also, I'm progressing at the most common words collection on Clozemaster.

But wherever I look I read that Anki is a program that works wonders for learning vocabulary, its algorithm is unique. I see people on Reddit forums talking about how they did vocabulary boost. Do you think it is necessary to use Anki in addition to all these for a good vocabulary? If we don't use Anki, are we always missing a part? Or do we learn later than those who use Anki?

Or do you think the tools I used above are enough for our long-term memory?

Oh a final question: Do you think Lingq's spaced repetition algorithm would be as effective as Anki?