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A warning about when Hindi becomes available.

November 14 at 05:59

I don't know how it is with Podcast availability and if it has these problems but it seems ANY Bollywood movie has had a plague of English in them for the last 20 years or slightly more. What I'm saying is you will hear Hindi peppered with English or even just entire sentences of English pop up. Hopefully there are podcasts entirely in Hindi with not entire sentences of English popping up.

I hope the same holds true for importing eBooks. I thought Brahmastra Chronicles would be good to read in Hindi but imagine my surprise to find out English is the only option.

Music of course is fine so go looking there if you feel like it.

Oh and lest I forget this comment for movies tends to apply for news too on Indian TV.

Not trying to discourage anyone here as I wish to learn Hindi as well as at least Telegu if not Tamil as well.