15,000 Known words, and I just barely started to try to speak.

MarkE us United States

From the beginning my goal was to wait to speak for as long as I could, because when it came to speaking I didn't want the pressure of learning new words, and to have a really hard time trying to understand the native speaker. I wanted to have enough words and a enough listening practice to where the only thing I have to focus on when trying to speak, was moving words from my passive vocabulary to my active vocabulary.

Im really curious what you guys think of this approach.

For me trying to speak in a foreign language with a native speaker can be really uncomfortable. So putting it off until I have enough words and enough listening would help lighten the load a bit.

May 21 at 19:18
  • MarkE us United States

    Also, do you guys have any tips when it comes to trying to speak? Im a complete noob when it comes to this area of language learning.

    May 21 at 19:23