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Web and Mobile App Updates - Jan 29, 2023

January 30 alle 05:29

Android App

  • Alternate script settings for Cantonese
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements to Playlists, Challenges and more
  • Tap to page in Reader
  • Added setting to disable all milestone and daily goal popups
  • Preferred topic settings added
  • Improved lesson opening performance
  • Improved Library loading performance
  • Timestamp editing improvements
  • Enable phrase creation for hyphenated words
  • New streak and activity indicators
  • Lesson level filter improvements
  • Improved text and audio sync in Listening Mode

iOS App

  • Improvements to show Furigana
  • Only show Furigana for highlighted words
  • Preferred topic settings added
  • Audio playback speed 1.25x added
  • Support hyphens in multi-word lingqs
  • Fixes for import screen
  • New streak indicator

Web App

  • Fixes to popular meanings list
  • Library performance optimizations
  • Reader performance optimizations
  • Fixes to Cantonese transliteration
  • Show phrases containing hyphens
  • Optimize results in News Feed
  • Integrated review added for Sentence View
  • Furigana shown for Japanese transliteration
  • Find and Replace All added to Edit Lesson page
  • Optimized Contributor Rankings
  • Added additional parts of speech tags
  • Improvements to timestamp generation
  • Improvements to transliteration
  • Setting added to disable streak and milestone popups
  • Fixed Dutch Grammar Guide
  • Added Polish and Turkish interface languages
  • Korean TTS improvements
  • Related phrase highlight fixes