What happend to Streak With Steve challenge?

SergeyFM ru Russia

It only started less than two weeks ago, and now I find it closed.

" Challenge Completed "

Is this a bug?

September 11 alle 22:38
  • Diotallevi de Germania

    Hi, it's more than weird. The challenge is on, but the rules appear to have been changed while the challenge was running. When it started, streaks were counted from day one of the challenge so everyone started from 0. Now it seems to have become retroactive, putting someone in the lead who has not less than 288 days on the counter.

    This way the 90 day (!!) challenge is worthless.

    Perhaps your experience of the challenge being completed was when changes were just being carried out?

    Btw. I lost my streak two days ago and fell from top 20 to rank 413.

    September 12 alle 07:34
  • Amministratore
    zoran rs Serbia

    Sorry about that! I reported it to our team and we will investigate it and fix the problem as soon as possible.

    September 12 alle 15:04
    • SergeyFM ru Russia

      any news?

      September 16 alle 12:29
  • Amministratore
    zoran rs Serbia

    So here's an update here.

    I checked this with our team and this is not actually a bug. "Streak with Steve" challenge doesn't start from Day 1 streak when you join it, it just pick up where you currently stand with your already active streak.

    That means that you did received Challenge completed message because you did, in fact, completed it with 90 days streak reached on your profile.

    September 17 alle 22:35
    • Diotallevi de Germania

      Understood. A challenge like this makes no sense, sorry.

      Especially as standings below places 1-100 aren't even visible any more.

      September 18 alle 17:15