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What are the Pros and Cons of Books(with Audiobooks) vs TV Shows/Youtube Videos (with transcripts)?

March 28 alle 23:08

Obviously we are free to use both but I'm comparing the pros/cons of Books/Audiobook to TV Shows/Youtube channels (ones that are dialogue heavy, lots of talking i.e. sitcom shows, reality TV, VLOG youtube channels)



-Dense amount of words

-Better for passive listening because visuals are described

-Very Clearly Spoken

-More variety of words used

-Can read the book easily without the audiobook

Cons: (maybe)

-Audiobooks are generally limited to one narrator voice


-No visuals and generally no sound effects

-Less conversationally common words used

-Spoken too clearly compared to everyday life conversations

TV / Youtube - (Dialogue Heavy)


-Visuals and Sounds

-More realistic pronunciation to everyday life

-Can observe conversations (acted or real life)

-More slang, modern slang, more voices.

-Every type of person is represented on youtube 10 fold, of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds. I can't say the same about authors and books.


-Passive listening is difficult sometimes without the visuals

-Reading transcripts (unaccompanied by the video) can be very confusing without visuals

- Generally Less variety of words compared to literature

Final note:

I've met people who have focused on either one exclusively and both with a high level of their second language. But I venture to say the ones I know who focused the majority of their time on Books/Audiobooks achieved a high level of comprehension in a shorter period of time than the ones who focused exclusively on TV/Youtube input with subtitles.


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