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Those/These: 'Estas, estos, esos and esas' Confusion

May 04 alle 02:32

Hi! I hope everyone is well.

I am new to learning Spanish, I have been studying this language for about a month and it is still not going as well as I would like. For this reason, I have been looking for apps and online tools to improve, I found a very interesting game, it is called Langlandia and it has helped me concerning my vocabulary and pronunciation, the game gave me one of the tests a question that confused and me I would love a clear explanation about the use of: those, those, these and these.

This type of terminology always confuses me and in addition to helping me with my progress, they would be helping me to earn points in Langlandia and allow me to unlock more advanced aspects of the language.

Thanks for reading and I hope you can explain the use of those articles to me.



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