The Best Language Learning Sites and Content to Import Into LingQ

ericrobertz ca Canada

Hi Everyone,

Using LingQ, you can import content from YouTube, Netflix, popular blogs, news sites, sports articles, and more. Create interactive lessons to improve your comprehension.

For more information about how to import, here's a post on the LingQ Blog you can check out.

Complete Guide to Importing:

How to Import Netflix into LingQ:


Here is a sheet that contains a ton of content that can be imported into LingQ. Special thanks to members for providing some of the links.

You can also find a lot of websites in your target language by checking out:

Do you have resources you want to share?

If you have resources you want to share, please comment below. Resources must be 100% in the target language... For example:

A good resources for Japanese learners is ->


September 2018
  • Amministratore
    ericrobertz ca Canada


    August 28 alle 18:18
    • MarkE us United States

      Here is some more things we can add to the list. Everything here can be imported into LingQ.

      August 28 alle 19:03
  • MarkE us United States



    "Katrin Berndt"


    "Spoken Arabic simplified"


    - The Dutch

    (Only youtube auto generated subtitles, but could be good for intermediate learners.)

    Italian: "Learn Italian with Lucrezia"

    Danish: "DR Nyheder"


    English: "The English Coach" "English Jade"


    August 28 alle 19:02
    • Amministratore
      ericrobertz ca Canada


      August 28 alle 19:04
  • SergeyFM ru Russia

    GERMAN Youtube channels with subtitles. Please leave your comment if you know more.


    MrWissen2go Geschichte :

    Dinge Erklärt – Kurzgesagt:

    Das Bibel Projekt:

    STRG_F: (mostly with subs but not every video)

    I import some of those videos here:

    Continued here:

    August 28 alle 20:57
    • Swedishfinngermanophile fi Finlandia

      Mirko from MrWissen2go also host a history channel produced by ARD (can't remember the company).

      August 29 alle 10:44
      • SergeyFM ru Russia

        I didn't notice he has this channel, thank you. Videos there are shorter and more concise.

        I collect the videos here:

        Hope it'll save someone time importing it and separately downloading the soundtracks.

        August 29 alle 11:01
    • Marin17 ba Bosnia-Erzegovina

      November 14 alle 20:44
  • WinterShaker gb Regno Unito

    For Bulgarian, there are a fair few books which are available in text form on for which the matching audiobook is available on , some of which are downloadable for free.

    August 29 alle 10:31
  • DLusby ca Canada

    For Canadian French, I can't believe I haven't stumbled across this before. Usually when I check out anything from the CBC, I often haven't found anything like transcripts, which would help with learning. However, the few videos I've tried from this CBC YouTube channel have French-Canadian captions provided that you can turn on in the settings.

    August 30 alle 13:21
    • DLusby ca Canada

      Right after posting this I found a whole bunch that only have auto-generated subtitles. Oh well... There are a few, at least, with real captions.

      August 30 alle 13:46
      • MarkE us United States

        I find that the auto generated subtitles to be pretty close, not perfect though, but still usable.

        August 30 alle 16:18
  • Swedishfinngermanophile fi Finlandia

    French-Doc Seven

    Doc Seven is a info channel but in a more informal way, the content creator seems to be maybe in his 30's. He makes videos on different topics along the lines of "the seven most ....." types of videos. He speaks a quite informal and fast paced french with some anglicism and slang words so it might be good if you look for something different form the French equivalent of BBC English.

    Another good thing about his channel is that he introduces "in almost every" video another French You Tuber so you might find other channels through Doc Seven

    September 07 alle 20:02
  • rayshow us United States

    Memrise is the next step after Duolingo has taught you basic grammar and you want to regularly improve your vocab. Also you can check out these language learning sites

    September 13 alle 09:06
    • asrguru ir Iran, Islamic Republic of

      For English to persian language learning site

      آموزش آنلاین زبان انگلیسی

      September 17 alle 06:53
  • Swedishfinngermanophile fi Finlandia

    This Geography channel, called Geography Now has a lot of CC subtitles (submitted by fans) in various languages. The languages varies quite a lot from video to video. At the time of writing the Nigeria video has only English and Norwegian subtitles while the North Korean has in 10 different languages (such as Indonesian and Polish). If I remember correctly some have CC in up to 25 different languages.

    September 27 alle 19:27
  • Swedishfinngermanophile fi Finlandia

    These are three interesting channels that I have found, nota bene (is a history channel), Links the sun (pop culture) and Vin Stache focuses on wine. The first two channels seem to have for the most part proper subtitles.

    Nota Bene

    Links the sun

    Vin Stache

    October 07 alle 16:36
  • emadono jp Giappone

    This is a huge help. Thank you very much.

    October 21 alle 06:51
  • Amministratore
    ericrobertz ca Canada

    Bump - I have updated this list to include this page

    Click the URL and you will find A TON of material in all languages.

    October 25 alle 22:42
    • CharlieBittoMoi gb Regno Unito


      October 29 alle 08:59
  • akeyserlingk ca Canada

    I am studying Russian and use a business newspaper called Kommersant. You can see the articles in Russian and import them into linq. Thereafter one can see the articles translated to English.

    This can be seen at


    November 14 alle 02:42
    • Amministratore
      ericrobertz ca Canada


      November 15 alle 23:09
  • gurkenwerfer us United States

    Wikipedia is available in a few German dialects for anyone interested:

    Bavarian/Austrian -

    Low German (Plattdeutsch) -

    Palatinate German -

    Pennsylvania German -

    In general though there are a lot of smaller languages and dialects on Wikipedia, so instead of listing all of them I'll leave a link to the full list.

    November 16 alle 16:58
    • Swedishfinngermanophile fi Finlandia

      One small problem with the wikipedia for smaller languages is that some articles are really short. There is however, a feature called quality articles (or something like that), for example, for Catalan it's at the left top corner "Articles de qualitat". The quality articles button is however not always so easy to find.

      November 16 alle 17:07
      • gurkenwerfer us United States

        I didn't know about that, thank you. Do you (or anyone else, for that matter) happen to know any place to find modern German e-books for free? I have had a lot of trouble finding them, especially because I would like to read literature from the GDR but a lot of it seems to not be online.

        November 16 alle 18:12
        • Swedishfinngermanophile fi Finlandia

          Sadly, I can't help you in that aspect, the only GDR literature that I know of is someway inspired of GDR rather than from GDR. If you are interested in GDR, I might add that MrWissen2go Geschite has many videos with real cc on GDR (although you might already be aware of that).

          November 16 alle 18:19
          • gurkenwerfer us United States

            I'll take a look at this channel, thanks!

            November 16 alle 20:32
        • JimOser us United States

          Free online German library from Goethe Institut

          In USA:

          In the library, one can search for: A1 , A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

          which are the European levels of language learning.

          A1 is beginner.

          C2 is better than native.

          For other countries google: goethe onleihe name_of_your_country

          Also free:

          dfd = Deutsch für dich = German for you

          November 17 alle 23:26
          • gurkenwerfer us United States

            Wow, this website (the Goethe library) seems to be just what I was looking for. It has some DDR literature on it too. Thank you so much for recommending.

            November 18 alle 16:01
  • Swedishfinngermanophile fi Finlandia

    A german newspaper called stern has a video series where they invite 6 people who represent the opposites of a topic in a debate. If you have watched the YouTube channel Jubilee when you are familiar with the format.

    November 22 alle 18:11
  • samogra us United States

    websites like polish101pod or japanese101pod are also full of interesting materials

    Friday alle 10:54