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Seriously, how do I learn the verbs?

May 01 alle 09:23

I've been learning Greek on LingQ on and off for years now, with a Greek girlfriend and trips every year to Greece. I can read novels and newspapers, I can listen to the radio to varying degrees of success, and I can even hold basic conversations with Greeks without too much trouble ("Wow, you speak so well", after I make a mistake conjugating the most basic of verb forms for the third time).

My question: when it comes down to brass tacks, how do you personally hammer through grammar issues? I'm frustrated by my inability to correctly use the Greek verbal system in a productive manner. I've done years of comprehensive input, but I still make mistake after mistake, especially with the verbs, primarily because (I think), I've never actually sat down and *worked* on the verbs as a grammatical category.

I love LingQ for learning by listening and reading, but I think it's made me lazy: I stopped "studying" the language because it's much easier just to read another newspaper article or a chapter from a book on LingQ.

Perhaps I'm just venting frustration, but I feel as though I should be much further along than I am, and that my current method of mindlessly lingquing is holding me back. Any suggestions?


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