Now what about Niqqud for Hebrew?

gregf fr Francia

Now that we've got TTS working for Hebrew (!), what are the chances that we finally fix the problem with words with niqqud (vowel markings)? Currently, any lingqs created with niqqud aren't saved correctly, which makes a lot of lessons far less useful.

Any chance the LingQ team could take a look at this last remaining problem with Hebrew? Thanks!!

April 23 alle 07:49
  • ScotOwen us United States

    Yes, I have the same issue. I imported content with niqqud, and somehow LingQ has difficulty distinguishing between the words.

    June 01 alle 23:24
  • Filippos il Israele

    Yes! Please fix this issue. If there were no problems with niqqud on lingq then I know someone who might translate the mini-stories into ancient Hebrew and it would make it possible to read all ancient Hebrew texts with niqqud which would be really helpful.

    November 13 alle 16:39
  • Amministratore
    zoran rs Serbia

    @gregf Can you send me example lessons/words that can't be LingQed properly?

    November 13 alle 23:07
    • gregf fr Francia

      Hi Zoran. Basically no words with vowel markings are saved correctly on LingQ. The word "בְּרֵאשִׁ֖ית" for instance (with vowel markings) won't save, but בראשית (without markings), saves correctly.

      This means that ancient Hebrew texts don't work with LingQ, nor do beginner Hebrew texts that use the vowel markings to help new learners.

      An example lesson that contains words that won't work on LingQ:

      November 14 alle 09:11
      • nirc1610 de Germania

        it works well for me, I see the Nikud right

        November 28 alle 09:22
        • gregf fr Francia

          The problem is not seeing the nikud, it's that they're not being saved correctly in the LingQ system.

          November 28 alle 12:43
          • nirc1610 de Germania

            ah ok :)

            November 29 alle 08:10
  • MarkE us United States

    I really hope they fix this as well.

    November 14 alle 03:37
  • MarkE us United States

    Is there any news with words with Niqqud not saving right? I really want to import the Bible.

    November 22 alle 19:00
  • TamL ca Canada

    This issue also exists in Arabic.

    In modern Hebrew books there are often a few instances of words with niqqud marks sprinkled throughout a chapter to ease reading or mark pronounciation of a proper name.

    November 27 alle 13:28
  • Amministratore
    zoran rs Serbia

    Hi guys,

    Just to let you know that this issue has been reported to our development team and I expect to have it fixed soon. I'll keep you updated!

    November 28 alle 06:38