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Listening and Reading Method with Audiobooks!

June 23 alle 09:44

What is your take on this?

Following along text in your native language and then listening to the text in your target language simultaneously.

A couple of days ago the first time in my life I gave it a go. Following along in English and listening to an audiobook in German. (my target language). I purchased and read the book "Edward Snowden, Permanent Record" in English a very long time ago. A couple of days ago I found an audiobook version in German on Spotify, totally free. So I followed along in English and listening to it in German at the same time. To my big surprise, I understood literally everything in German. 70-80% comprehension I believe. I was even guessing what german word the narrator was going to speak for certain English words since I know the equivalence in German.

I enjoyed the experience.

I have a follow-up question.

Should I purchase a physical copy of the book in German language and follow along text in German?


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