Interesting lingstics vidoes on YouTube (GOT/accents and interpreting)

Swedishfinngermanophile fi Finlandia

Here are some links to videos on YouTube by a channel called Wired. I discovered them some time ago but really only started watching them yesterday. They have some pretty interesting videos on languages.

I am sure that there are some GOT's fans out there, weird has an interesting video by the creator of dorthraki where he speaks about the language and in general how to make your own fictional language.

They also have some videos on accents in movies.

Have you ever wondered how translating at international summits and other diplomatic meetings work? Well wonder no more.

Former FBI agent talks about body language.

August 27 alle 14:08
  • Swedishfinngermanophile fi Finlandia

    This video teaches you how to spot different accents.

    General accent video.

    October 16 alle 11:50
  • Swedishfinngermanophile fi Finlandia

    "Features English is missing"

    November 11 alle 13:47
  • gurkenwerfer us United States

    I just found these recently too and they’re really fun, especially the interpreting ones.

    November 11 alle 16:29
  • Swedishfinngermanophile fi Finlandia

    Follow up video about "Features English has but others don't"

    December 02 alle 19:10
  • Swedishfinngermanophile fi Finlandia

    A Atlantic article on the aura of polyglots.

    Friday alle 08:55
  • ilikka gb Regno Unito

    It's hard to watch a video on YouTube lately. There are a lot of advertisements

    Friday alle 19:25