How to go about learning Russian?

PatricioIglesias mx Messico

I have learned some languages from the Romance language family, and the Germanic language family. I'm about to start learning Russian and I know that it is a highly inflected language. How should I learn the grammar? I've "absorbed" the grammar in other languages mostly by reading and listening with some explanations here and there, but I'm not sure if that would work for Russian. How would you recommend me learning the grammar? If you have any other recommendation about how to learn Russian it is more than welcome!

October 26 alle 04:46
  • bull es Spagna

    Just forget about the cases and learn it as you did with the other languages. Read and listen a lot . After reaching an intermediate level you should start talking to native speakers, that will finally help you master the language.

    October 26 alle 06:58
    • kevindevos pt Portogallo

      Just to add to your answer, the only thing that grammar has helped me so far was to keep myself more aware of why things are written in such a way and helps understand structure a little more, but not much more than that

      So i guess it's good to skim through grammar a bit every so often

      October 26 alle 08:42
  • evgueny40 ru Russia

    I disagree with Bull.

    Of course, you have to read and to listen a lot.

    But at the same time, very gradually you have to familiarize yourself with some patterns of the Russian Grammar, moreover, your Latin and German help you, in any case, to absorb it quite easily. Otherwise, you will never speak Russian correctly!.. But don't be in a rush!

    You can use a lot of my courses in Russian here. In my courses and lessons I give a lot of examples using popular vocabulary and introduce Russian grammar in very small doses.

    Here are some of my Russian courses for beginners:

    Мои русские курсы для начинающих:






    October 26 alle 08:43
    • PatricioIglesias mx Messico

      Thank you for everything that you do. Of course I will use the Russian courses. I've used many of your German courses out there.

      October 26 alle 17:31
      • evgueny40 ru Russia

        Thanks! Good luck! Viel Erfolg! Желаю успехов!

        October 26 alle 17:36
  • LILingquist us United States

    I’ve been reading the replies since I may do this some day. I would also suggest you watch master Steve’s videos of the subject.

    October 26 alle 18:42
    • soussia us United States

      Can you please provide a link?

      November 13 alle 05:42
      • LILingquist us United States

        November 14 alle 05:31
  • apirato cn Cina

    Hullo gui! You just ask any time you didn't get it. Always glad to help you.

    November 14 alle 06:51
    • PatricioIglesias mx Messico

      How did you go about the Cases?

      Wednesday alle 16:11
      • evgueny40 ru Russia

        I'm just writing the course РУССКИЕ ПАДЕЖИ.

        I give some examples and even some exercises about them.

        Here is the link to this course:

        Wednesday alle 18:33