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German - Compound Words on Lingq ?

November 07 alle 13:11

Hi everyone,

I'm learning german on Lingq for a few days. Since the begining I've noticed something wrong, Lingq doesn't detect the whole word when they are compound.

Zum Beispil : "Aufstehen" - "Mark Steht um 8:00 auf"

Lingq is detecting "steht" as "to stand" and not as to "get up".

And also, the verb is detected as a different word with another form.

By the way I'm learning german with Assimil and Duolingo for the basics and some grammar exercise.

I'm using Memrize for the vocabulary, but maybe can I switch to the Lingq SRS method ?

Then I'm learning with Lingq and some german youtube videos and netflix for the "content" to add somes inputs.

For now I'm struggling to find a place to Lingq in my learning routine. Maybe I don't know to how use it properly.



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