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Frustration in listening

January 10 alle 16:57

I have spent proportionately way too much time reading and getting obsessive about increasing my known words counts over the last year, so I have moved on to listening a lot more and reading only very little. I´m experiencing certain frustrations.

1) It is hard to track your progress or measure your success, compared to having something like the "known words" and "unknown words" / lingQs which I´ve gotten used to

2) When I understand everything, or almost everything, I get annoyed that I´m perhaps wasting time listening to something that´s too easy and not learning enough

3) When I understand little or where there are parts I just don´t get, I get frustrated in thinking my understanding should be better than it is

Obviously 2 and 3 are sort of contradictory, meaning I´m always somewhat frustrated or annoyed regardless of how much I understand. That may just be my weird state of mind or has anyone else had that same experience?


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