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Finnish programs, You Tubers, etc.

November 07 alle 14:38

I was quite surprised of how a passionate legion of fans the Finnish language has here on lingq. With that in mind I decided to post these resources. Sadly most of them don't have subtitles as far as I know.

They are programs, You Tubers etc. that I am familiar with (by name only) and some of them are stuff that You Tube for what ever reason decides that I might be interested in. It's not that there's anything inherently wrong with this resources it's just I like to watch/listen to stuff in the languages that I learn.

I'll post more if I find some interesting stuff.


Salatut Elämät

Salatut Elämät is a Finnish “trashy” soap opera that takes place on a fictional street in a fancy neighbourhood (*) in Helsinki. I remember hearing somewhere some years ago that Finnish learners found the series very useful to learn Finnish.

If you google salatut elämät on Youtube you’ll find full episodes but and the show itself has also a YouTube channel where they have interviews and all kinds of stuff.

CokeTV Suomi

This is not everybody’s cup of tea but, this channel is run my two early twenty-year olds that do all kinds of silly challenges, or exiting exploration. They had a video where they went to Neaples and learnt who to make Neapolitan pizza.

Farm life vlog from Finland

Yle stuff

Mini docus and miscellaneous stuff.

Finnish vloggers

(*) I read in an article that the real life street where the series is filmed is in Eira which is a sort of fancy area close to Kamppi (unoffical Helsinki equivalent of Charing Cross).


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